“I Swear That Last Fart Came From His Butt”

November 30, 2011 / Posted by:

Jessica Simpson is at least into her 5th month of being knocked up (I think) and at this point you’d think that she’d only be able to get around on a manatee gurney carried by highly trained coastal conservationists. But nope! Chestica only needed help from her gold digging fiancé while walking the carpet at last night’s Shoe Fetish Awards (aka The Footwear News Achievement Awards) in NYC. I can’t believe I am about to type the following sentence in the year 2011 without Papa Joe holding his loaded dick to my head: Chestica looks good. Maybe I only think that because her pregnancy farts are so damn potent that they’ve turned into scented pixels and have seeped through my monitor causing me to hallucinate. Let’s go with that.

My only complaint is that Jessica’s shoes don’t match her dress. Oh, well. Chestica can’t even see her shoes due to the triple mounds o’plenty blocking her view, so I’ll let that shit slide this time. Seriously, though, I think Jessica’s carrying Beyonce’s baby in her tits.


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