The Time Demi Lovato’s Weave Tried To Quit Her Ass On Stage

November 28, 2011 / Posted by:

Just like Brit Brit before her, Demi Lovato accidentally pulled a polyester tail out of her head (at the 0:47 mark) while torturing the masochistic ears of her fans during a performance in Kansas City, MO the other night. Demi fucks on Wilmer Valderrama, so she obviously doesn’t give three shits about much, which is why she proudly waved her weave piece around and went on with the show. From the video, it looks like that shit got snagged on Demi’s jacket, but that’s not what really happened. That weave piece was trying to exit stage left. I mean, it probably thought it was having another coke-induced hallucination with all those disco ball heads dancing around. Not to mention that Demi’s dressed like Wynonna Judd as a Las Vegas funeral director. There’s only so much a weave piece can take!




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