And I Say Haaaaay Yay Yay A A Haaaay Yay Yay!

November 28, 2011 / Posted by:

“Darlene Conner! Pull your hand away from Lindsay Lohan’s probably STD-infected leftover!” is a line that filled the thought bubble above my head after this picture touched my eyes, because I swear on the box of dusty dildos in the back of my closet that I thought this was Sara Gilbert and SamRo walking the streets together. I know all those twiggy lesbians in skinny jeans and beanies look the same to me. Call me racist. But thanks be to God Bea Arthur, this isn’t SamRo. Apparently, Sara Gilbert hopped off of her partner of 10 years and landed right on the crotch of 4 Non Blonde’s Linda Perry.

Sara and Linda left some restaurant in West Hollywood yesterday hand-in-hand, which means they’re totally clit wrestling. And by the looks of these pictures, that’s all they’re doing. Sara and Linda have been fucking so much that they don’t even have time to bathe, brush their hair or do laundry. Somebody should tell Sara and Linda that they can fuck in the shower, you know. That’s what a sponge vibrator is for. Duh.


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