Open Post: Hosted By Somebody’s Mom Dancing To “My Neck, My Back”

November 10, 2011 / Posted by:

Well, here’s NSFW proof that Khia brings families together.

Like a nightmare that was spit out by that dreamcatcher over the bed, a mom and her child (Justin Bieber? Kelly Osbourne’s ex-boyfriend?) have a bonding moment by thrusting their crotches and swaying their bits to Khia’s sex education classic. This could be another one of Darren Aronofsky’s anti-meth PSAs, or maybe it’s a deleted scene from Monster. I don’t know. For me, this is definitely an anti-having kids PSA, because when I’m ole girl’s age, I know I’ll be blissing out to Khia in an attic bedroom somewhere and the last thing I’ll need is some child recording it for YouTube so everybody can steal my sweet sweet moves.

And today, you’re all that dog at the 0:44 mark who sniffs at the scene like, “What’s going on? Oh shit. Fuckthisbye.”

via Videogum



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