Like A Rose Trying To Bloom….

October 14, 2011 / Posted by:

There’s been so much foolish ugliness on Dlisted lately from Lindsay Lohan’s meth lasagna mouth to the crazy bus memaw beating on a special needs kid, so I figured we could all use a heavy dose of demure beauty in the form of a potpourri pot full of England’s finest rose Jodie Marsh! Exquisite doesn’t even begin to describe….

Jodie left a London hospital, where she selflessly volunteers her time by being a human bouquet of flowers for the poor sickly, the other night and graciously blessed the lenses of several cameras with her Shroud of Pete Burns face. It’s as if someone gently placed her head in one of those paint can shakers at Home Depot, turned it on and started throwing oil-based varnish and paintbrush bristles at her. The result is what a talking Real Doll would call, “iiiiiiinspiring.”

Jodie’s nose is what I think the penises of the angels look like in heaven. A penis with wings! And now we know why Ron Paul’s brow wig tried to sneak off of his face. It heard of an eyebrow Shangri-La in the UK and it was about to start the journey toward it. If you see his eyebrow toupee sitting in coach on a flight to London, don’t say a thing.

And if you want to share this beauty with your loved ones, FTD is offering a bouquet made of these pictures for a limited time. (Yes, I set up that STD joke for you. Happy Friday!)


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