The Photoshop Awards: Adam Levine In Russian Vogue

October 14, 2011 / Posted by:

A note to whoever does the Photoshopping at Russian Vogue: use, don’t abuse the OM NOM NOM NOM tool. Those bitches plucked out Adam Levine’s chest fur and they were still hongray because they took a bite out of the douche by ripping half of his torso off! Bitch has no right torso! Who actually looked back at this picture and said out loud (I know you were going to read this in a Russian anyway since everything should be read in a Russian accent, but I’m telling you anyway): “Yes, this looks completely natural and it isn’t weird at all that he looks like a topless SamRo after some lipo gone wrong shit ate half of her torso. PRINT! DA!!

That being said, I still would even with a fucked up torso. Just give that bitch a weight to hold with his right hand to balance his ass out when he’s on top.

Here’s more of Adam with his girlfriend Anne V in Russian Vogue’s very special shark attack victim issue.



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