In Case You Blocked It Out…..

October 5, 2011 / Posted by:

Here’s a clip from Monday night’s Dancing with Nancy Grace’s Personal Pan Nipple of someone’s body part making a noise. Either a bitch’s stomach let out a feeding time howl or a bitch’s butt let out a pooping time howl. The fart (or low-octave queef, or whatever that was) in question sounds it’s coming from Nancy, but she has already told TMZ that it wasn’t her, her partner or Brooke who is physically incapable of making a fart unless she’s instructed to do so on a teleprompter. I believe Nancy. Nancy gets paid top fucking dollar to blow bubbles of shit air out of her mouth on her HLN show every night, why would she do it for free when she’s off the clock? It was just the sound of the demon that lives in her body and operates her soul letting out a looooong ass burp.

via Buzzfeed


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