RiRi Already Has A New Song

September 22, 2011 / Posted by:

RiRi’s last album Loud hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday, but she’s already baaaaaaah-ing into a fan set to low in the first single called “We Found Love” off of her new album which comes out in a couple of months. When does RiRi find the time to get inspired enough to grab a guitar and write the chorus of a song while staring at the stars under a tree in the middle of a field. NO. I know they just throw RiRi in an empty room, hand her a piece of paper with 3 words written on it and tell her to yodel that out while a dude with a MacBook plays my old Sounds of Ibiza CD in the corner.

It really does sound like RiRi is singing this mess in an empty apartment. All echos and shit. One time this broker was showing me place in NYC, and every time we walked into a new apartment, this crazy ho had to sing some song. She’d say, “The acoustics in this place are wonderful. I should know, I’m a singer.” No, you’re a broker, bitch. Anyway, that’s what RiRi sounds like. But I’m sure this song will still blare out of the Armani Exchange on Broadway and club whores will whip their hair into a coma over this.

The only thing I really have to say is that the next time RiRi wants to sing about finding love, she should just cover this masterpiece.

via The Hairpin


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