A Norwegian Bank Brings Elisabetta Canalis’ Dream To Life

September 19, 2011 / Posted by:

When Elisabetta Canalis was with George Clooney, she’d wake up in his sex dungeon with the drunks in her eyes hoping that heavy thing on her hitchin’ finger was not the dildo ring she used on him the night before, but a real wedding ring. It never was. But in this commercial for a Norwegian bank, Elisabetta’s dream is brought to life when a blondie wakes up and finds out she has just done the impossible: married George Clooney. The truth is, we’d all make that “barfing up my life” face if we married multimillionaire George Clooney and he only bought us that cheap ass single level.

And see if you can spot the very special cameo from Trace Cyrus!

via Jezebel



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