Madge Still Loathes Hydrangeas

September 12, 2011 / Posted by:

One week ago, Madge made hydrangeas the happiest flowers alive when she sort of publicly declared she loathed them, and today she released a bitchified video “love letter” to her arch rival (hydrangeas, not aging with dignity) where she gave her best performance since her water bottle blow job scene from Truth or Dare!

Warning: If you’re unlike Madge and don’t loathe hydrangeas, you should prepare your emotions since several hydrangeas were harmed in the making of this shit.

I know it’s not about the stupid flower (and more about the sad fan who probably chewed off the hand that gave Madge that hydrangea and has now developed a new hate for hydrangeas that will lead him to serial hydrangea killing), but at least Hydrangeagate is officially done!

(Thanks to everybody who sent this in)


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