Khia’s Wall Of Beauty Is Finally Complete

August 23, 2011 / Posted by:

That little blank space on Khia’s mug shot gallery was making me itch and so the OCDer deep in me thanks her for doing something about it by getting busted in Dekalb County, Georgia over the weekend. My favorite poet and the mug shot supermodel graced the police station camera with her pose skills after she was arrested for “concealing/endangering property-secured interest.Straight from the A translated that into real talk: Bitch hid a car she owed payments on. Sonia from Operacion Repo is coming for you, Khia! Hopefully, Sonia also repossess Khia’s gremlin brows while she’s at it.

Khia posted $500 bail and was released back into the wild, but not before she gave the world her latest:

You never thought you’d see Elmer Fudd as Annie, did you? Khia is a true chameleon.

Every Glamour Shots should be shut down and replaced with Khia’s Academy of Mug Shot Glamour, because there are some sad and dusty mug shot takers out there (Lindsay Lohan) who could use her expertise and learn how to smile like it’s first grade picture day or some shit.


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