Afternoon Crumbs

July 26, 2011 / Posted by:

You know the recession is an international issue when a wax museum in Paris takes the black glasses off of a Colonel Sanders wax statue and calls it a Brad Pitt wax statue – The Superficial

Aubrey O’Day is just queefing BlackBerries now – Hollywood Tuna

Prince Pierced Peen doth protests a lot – Lainey Gossip

Bitch busts into a bush (not a still from a LiLo/SamRo sex tape) – MiserAlba’s unborn baby must be set to: elephant – Popoholic

“I wish I had tits like yours” – Cameron Diaz to A-RodPopsugar

The holy child army already owns every single toy ever made in the history of toys, so I’m guessing they’re just doubling up now – Just Jared

Dear Katie Price, UGGs in costume as Moon Boots are still UGGs. Now burn them, bitch. – (site NSFW) – Drunken Stepfather

Blake Lively takes a break from playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s pretend piece to play some other role – Popoholic

The world according to New York – Cityrag

Breaking News: Katherine Heeeeeeeeeiigggl is an annoying bitch – Celebitchy

Kristin Calamari bites the paps that feed her 15-minutes – Hollywood Rag

One of Kirstie Alley’s tits is trying to jump into that tacky ass bag and the other is trying to float off toward Xenu – ICYDK

Ben Affleck’s wig spat out a baby that crawled onto Jason Alexander’s head – SOW

And I’m going to need to know the name of Lauryn Hill’s latest baby friend – I’m Not Obsessed

Colin Firth’s southern accent sounds like Matthew McConaughey trying to do a Brit doing a southerner – The Berry

Poke at me when the sequel to Britons in Walmarts called Britons in Costco comes out – The Daily WhatBold

Your afternoon isn’t complete until your eyes have had a cup of Jason Fleming’s soft serve dick, so here you go (NSFW) – OMG Blog

Precious from Silence of the Lambs feels left out – Videogum



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