There Can Only Be One Mermaid In A Wheelchair

July 17, 2011 / Posted by:

Lady Gaga took a break from sucking the queef bubbles out of Madge’s vadge and claiming it as her own, and instead Xerox copied some shtick from Bette Midler’s act. Bette Midler has long done the mermaid in a wheelchair thing, and at a concert in Australia the other night Caca rolled onto the stage in a mermaid body bag. Caca’s entourage got egged by a bunch of people who weren’t happy about her glamorizing disabilities. (Sidenote: Bette Midler would never get egged, because it’s obvious that she’s sympathizing with disabled merpeople through her art.)

Caca also got egged again on Twitter by Bette Midler herself who was not happy about the blatant thievery. Don’t screw with Delores Delago! I’ll let Bette take it from here:

15 Jul

16 Jul

20 hours ago

Of course, a few Little Monsters displayed the love and acceptance their Mama Monster preaches by calling Bette a “disrespectful cunt” who needs to “STFU.” HA. I love it.

Bette is probably joking, but I still say she should throw a net over that salty rotten kipper Caca and launch her jacking ass onto one of the Deadliest Catch boats. Until Ariel becomes a paraplegic, there can only be one mermaid in a wheelchair!

Here’s Lady Xerox in NYC this morning.


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