Pimp Mama Kris Debuts Her New Pulled Pork Face

July 16, 2011 / Posted by:

Kris Jenner got her face cut off, lifted and stitched last month just so she can look fresh for her main hooker’s wedding on August 20th and she showed off the results while shopping at her store with a camera crew and Lara Spencer yesterday. Kris Jenner before looked like if Joyce DeWitt’s mug shot got stuck to the front of Larry from Three’s Company head, and she still looks like that but with a facelift and a winking nostril.

Seriously, this is why getting a facelift freaks me out. You go in with normal face and you come out with frozen face and a wonky nostril. Nose looking like it’s doing an impersonation of Parasite Hilton and shit. That’s not the look. Kris Jenner looked fine before. Instead of getting her face lifted, she should’ve gotten her brain lifted out of her ass.


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