Bonnie Pointer Is The Epitome of YES!

June 28, 2011 / Posted by:

The Pointer Sisters reunited at the Roxy in L.A. last night to perform in a charity show that benefited The Friendly House, and it was also a reunion for white lace and a high cut bodysuit! I haven’t seen those two together since Jem! was president (she was president in my head, okay). I thank Bonnie Pointer for bringing them together again AND HOW! Yes, it’s true that Bonnie Pointer is the kind of rumble tumble wreck that makes you want to hold your pocketbook close (even if you don’t have a pocketbook), but nobody does messy like her!

The belt she got from a fan after she blew out a few notes from “Fire” while giving him a lap dance on a folding chair in the alley way of a Reno casino…. The wig that you can usually find sitting on the top of an upright toilet seat in a truck stop bathroom while Bonnie washes last night’s party from her face with tap water…. The camel toe-summoning ensemble that Jessica Hahn almost wore to her wedding…. It’s all made of YES! YES! YES!


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