Time To Feel Old, Part II

June 21, 2011 / Posted by:

My first thought about this picture: DAMN! Madge must be snatching her boy toys straight out of the womb nowadays, because that one looks like his skin still smells like placenta and pussy blood.

My first thought after reading the true description of these pictures taken at Heathrow today: DAMN! That’s little David Banda?! The same little toddler that Madge flew to Africa for and threatened the locals that if they didn’t hand him over she’d eat their souls with her pores and they’d spend eternity trapped in her silicone chipmunk cheeks. That David Banda? Okay, he doesn’t smell like placenta anymore. He smells like the Hulk shit Madge puts in the Vita Coco water that she feeds him, because both David and Rocco are growing at record speeds. They are obviously growing too fast while all of us are not getting old at all and not plucking hairs off the top of our ears this morning in front of our bathroom mirrors. Not at all. It’s them! Not us!


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