Tommy Rises Above Elle!

June 9, 2011 / Posted by:

What you’re looking at is Tommy Girl’s forehead vein throbbing like John Travolta’s b-hole at a sauna party, because it’s holding all the tension from him standing on top of his tippity tippity toes while he grits his teeth in a way that screams “takethepicturetakethepicturetakethepicture.” The pain and stress was worth with it, because now we have this beautiful picture of Tommy rising above Elle Fanning at the Super 8 premiere in Los Angeles last night.

A Cheryl Cole-like blowout from his stylist and humming “I’m a big kid now” while slipping on a pair of fuck me boots were also important ingredients in taking Tommy up, up and away last night.

Tommy was filled with so much big boy confidence from being a tad bit taller than Elle that he wasn’t even embarrassed when Pete Wentz had to big him a boost up to the adult urinal since the little boy’s one was out of order. You go, TG!

Here’s a bunch of pictures of the people who were excused by Tommy’s beauty at last night’s premiere. In oooorder: TG, Elle, Conan with his wife, Steven Spielberg with Kate Capshaw, Pete Wentz, Jorge Garcia, Jim Caviezel and Jenna Elfman with her own pocket-sized crazy.


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