Michelle Duggar’s Hair Is A Thing Of Beauty

June 7, 2011 / Posted by:

For a woman whose uterus is always doing the slow motion Intervention wail and who can’t go a few seconds without hearing the high-pitched screech of a toddler, Michelle Duggar has maintained a stunning mane of crunchy curls that looks like a hair waterfall orgasming a spray of bangs. It’s like a party in the front AND a party in the back. You can laugh all you want, but Michelle Duggar has been laughing at all of us since 1986. While we’ve been Japanese straightening, crimping, cutting, pulling and weaving our hair over the years, Michelle has been sitting back and cackling! Michelle knows her shit is classic and doesn’t need messing with.

I bet that when Jim Bob is filling her up with Duggar #419 and their latest baby is sliding out under his peen, her hair doesn’t even move. That coif of gorgeousness is built to last. If you put your ear up to her bangs, you’d hear the sound of a dozen AquaNet cans queefing in unison.

A jumbo curling iron, a sore finger from pressing down the hairspray nozzle so hard, a tub of Dep gel, a million cries from the ozone layer and a Judy Torres tape on the boombox is how beauty is made! Michelle Duggar’s head is always giving birth to glamour. It’s like her head is a shell and her hair is Venus.

Here’s all three thousand members of the Duggar family outside of NBC studios this morning after they pimped out their book and reality show on Today. It wasn’t sunny in NYC today. That’s just the glare of Michelle’s jealous haters trying to burn her beauty down. Didn’t work. Won’t work. Never.


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