Janice Dickinson Is Getting On This

June 3, 2011 / Posted by:

Janice Dickinson has armpits like Hugh Hefner’s ass crack, skin like chitterlings, is crazier than a shit house fox with fish tits (that’s the saying, right?) and yet she’s still rubbing her Tupperware titty balls on this shit right here. Yes, when Janice’s piece kisses on her collagen slivers, he’s using his eyes to make sure the paps are getting his good side, but still! Some walking beef jerky sticks get all the semi-hot dick! I swear.

Is it just me (yes) or does Janice’s piece look like he was just unfolded? Because his hair part, between-the-eye-crack and butt chin all line up. It’s like you can fold him up and take him with you everywhere. Whatever contract Janice signed with the devil, I want the same one.


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