Eat Your EVERYTHING Out, Grace Jones!

May 15, 2011 / Posted by:

UPDATE: Picture removed by order of Jake Gyllenhaal’s lawyers. Boo.

This picture is nowhere to be seen on TMZ, so that leads me to believe that there’s another site on the Internet called TMZ (but stands for Thigh Man Zone) or this beautiful yogay portrait was Photoshopped using the inspiration of Grace Jones, the head of Jakey Gyllenhaal and the body of a hot man flamingo. But it’s Sunday, so I will temporarily believe that Jake once flashed his barely there nalgas like he’s auditioning for the title role in the Palm Springs Gay Twink’s Choir production of Black Swan. I love that whoever this is made sure that his socks matched the hotel carpet. Details like that really make a picture.

Source: Public Addiction via ONTD


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