The Grace Of Janice Dickinson Knows No Bounds

May 14, 2011 / Posted by:

If champagne bottle nostril sex, rippled titties, stray pit hairs, sign language cunnilingus, 56-year-old nipple, melting Parmesan stick arms, vein erections, painted duck bills and organic elegance gives you life, then these NSFWish pictures are your new holy grail! Janice Dickinson earned the title of the world’s first AND greatest supermodel at District 36 in NYC last night by bringing out a series of poses that were so scorching hot it made the silicone in her chichi sacks boil over and her tit skin started to do the wave in her honor.

Not only do these pictures make me crave poorly-wrapped fried pork dumplings, but it makes me fall in love with the forever demure Janice Dickinson. How can you not love a beautiful creature who resembles a Steven Tyler Muppet made with fruit leather?


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