Mimi & Nick Finally Reveal The Names Of Their Twin Unicornlets

May 4, 2011 / Posted by:

If you’re like me, then you’ve been clenching your nalgas together in anticipation of the names Mimi and Nick Cannon bestowed upon their baby boy and baby girl. So without further ado, you can finally unclench, because they have named them:

Moroccan Scott Cannon


Monroe Cannon

The names “Divaboo Honey Heart” and “Unicorniah Lambow” WERE ROBBED! But this is almost just as good, because CNN says Mimi named her son “Moroccan” after the name of her favorite room in her NYC penthouse. BITCH NAMED HER BABY AFTER A ROOM! It could’ve been a lot worse, though. Mimi could’ve named him after her second favorite room in her penthouse: The Rainbow Loo. Actually, Rainbow Loo would’ve been better than Morrocan.

Moroccan’s middle name is also Nick’s middle name. As for the completely unoriginal girl name of Monroe, Mimi says it’s an honor of her idol Marilyn Monroe. Butterfly please, we all know that Mimi really named her after Monroe Ficus.

Even though the school yard bullies are obviously going to call the boy twin “Moroniccan” and “Moroccan Scott” sounds like a sex act involving a hookah pipe, these names are pretty tame for Mimi. They don’t sound like citizens of Lisa Frankland who spend their summers in the Land of Caring. There will be a lot of butterflies out there who won’t even muster out one flutter today, because they’re sad that Mimi didn’t name one of her twins after them. Butterfly betrayal is the worst.


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