What A Waste Of Delicious Eggs

May 1, 2011 / Posted by:

It was only about three seconds ago that Justin Bieber was merely a fertilized egg in his mother’s womb and now he’s getting attacked with eggs at his sold out concert in Sydney, Australia. The Bieber was breaking out his toddler moves on stage when someone tried to break several eggs on his face. Who the hell has enough disposable income to buy a ticket and live out their evil fantasy of egging a dancing toddler?! But on second look, it seems that the eggs are raining down from the rafters! Maybe this act of Bieber hate came from a little monster pigeon who is paying him back for throwing shade at Lady Caca’s rotten green egg cocoon.

You know, I’ve always said that a cold egg yolk lying on a dirty stage floor is your brain on Bieber.

And you don’t have to put on your mourning veil and light a candle, because the follicle bowl of cherub dreams on Justin’s head was not harmed in the making of this egging.

via Daily Mail


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