A Feed Bag Full Of Awwwwwwws

April 8, 2011 / Posted by:

No, this isn’t a recently surfaced picture of Sarah Jessica Parker bonding with the unborn twins in her surrogate’s belly, this is Selma Blair having a special My Friend Flicka moment with her horse friend Taffy in Burbank, CA yesterday. Yes, this possibly staged shoot is cheesier than the crotch side of Colin Farrell’s panties, but it’s still making the freezer-burned package of ground heart meat in my chest feel something. That’s if I block out the gutter devil voices in my head screaming: “THAT HORSE IS GONNA EAT DA BABY!!!” and “A pony is totally going to fall out of Selma in a few months.” Yes, leave it to my faulty trash compactor of a brain to turn an “awwww” into an “ewwww.


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