Rebecca Black Has Ruined Friday

March 11, 2011 / Posted by:

Ever wanted to know what it would it sound like if a 5-year-old Ke$ha performed a song about the calendar on a water-damaged Casio keyboard after snorting glitter glue and swallowing a vibrating ball? Well, Rebecca Black (ft. an embalmed Usher) is making terrors come true by serenading you into the weekend with a song that could be used to argue that we should change the name of Friday to Nightmareday.

Rebecca has also answered the question that you always find yourself asking on a Friday night: what comes after Saturday? And this bullet to your sense of hearing will also leave you asking: why don’t they make funnel shot glasses for your ears? Because you’ll definitely want to wash your ears out with vodka after this shit. Fun! Fun! Fun! We so excited! Fryyyyyyyy-daaay!!! (This song will never stop stabbing my brain, right?)

via TDW


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