Jennifer Aniston Makes Mexican Children Weep

March 11, 2011 / Posted by:

I’ve always know that Jennifer Aniston has Brangeloonie-like fans who will fight for her honor by stabbing my inbox with slashes like this: “dear michael gay, don’t hate aniston because you wish you were a hot single sexy woman like her. looser.” (Very true, and I also wish I had the world’s largest crochet kitten collection and could keep a straight face while doing tequila body shots off my boyfriend pillow. Jealous=me). But I didn’t know that Aniston had hardcore fans who wear homemade shrine t-shirts to meet her at the launch of her perfume J’Alone in Mexico City!

Yes, Jennifer’s publicist most likely promised everyone in the crowd an autographed picture of Maddox if they showed up, but this little girl gave it her all! Homegirl’s weeping is so intense that Jennifer will take pity upon her, adopt her and give her one of the top bunks in the Cabbage Patch barracks. Maddox will eventually break into the barracks and take the girl away since he can never let Aniston be happy! Wait, I see what homegirl is doing. Well. Played.

Even though that amazing t-shirt is sort of a “fuck you” to Aniston since she claims she hates the Rachel cut, I still want one.


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