Okay, Ke¢ha, You Win This One

February 25, 2011 / Posted by:

Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a sucker for rainbow-bleeding unicorns and Dawson’s lace bra, but for once in my entire life I didn’t spray RAID into my palm and rub it all over my eyeballs after watching a Ke-DollarTree-ha video. Yes, listening to the song is like gargling my ear holes with trash syrup, but I sort of…kind of…like….the video. DON’T HIT ME! I mean, it’s a water damaged Lisa Frank folder meets a bootleg Beta copy of Spy Hard meets James Van Der Beek’s GIF poses meets a drag queen Katie Price’s lounge act. Ke$ha Travolta even took fish bones to her head and brushed the swamp tail on her head for the occasion!

And now I must exfoliate my tongue and finger tips with Comet for admitting that I enjoyed something Ke$hit related.

via ONTD



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