Sean Penn And Ramada From Hot Shots!?

February 21, 2011 / Posted by:

Well, snatch away from chafing dish! It’s Ramada from Hot Shots! leaving a restaurant in Rome with Sean Penn where they “canoodled” (I should have to canoodle with barbed wire every time I type that word) together during dinner. Valeria Golino dipped into the crazy by playing Tommy Girl’s love interest in Rain Man and she swan dove into insanity by doing Hot Shots! with Charlie Sheen, so I’m pretty sure she’s capable of handling Sean Penn. It takes a certain strong bitch to not get contact high from the hot toxic smoke clouds wafting off of the boiling coke boogers in Sean’s nose.

I’m happier than John Travolta’s freed scalp pores to be writing about Valeria Golino (And she was in Big Top Pee-wee AND Four Rooms) even if it’s because of Sean Penn’s insane ass.



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