What In The Hell Kind Of GD Outfit Is This?

February 14, 2011 / Posted by:

The queef face Kate Hudson is displaying in the picture above matches the face I’m making when I stare at this picture of her at the Grammys last night. Like she’s trying to hold in a burp and a fart. You know, nothing says “understated grace” like a cut-out on a satin gown, but this is just a blue ball of NO. It looks like the woman with the world’s longest finger nails is trying to snatch Kate’s unborn baby from behind.

Kate would’ve been better off turning that dress around, slapping snakeskin pasties on her nipples and giving us that. But this just makes Kate look like she’s sitting on the wrong side of uncomfortable. Although, that could’ve had something to do with Nicole Kidman molesting her in front of her friends and boyfriend Matt Bellamy from Muse.

Nicole Kidman was on that bitch like Kate’s looking to sell the contents of her womb. Nicole, calm your shit! The baby is taken. There’s a pink SOLD note on Kate’s womb and everything.



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