Open Post: Hosted By Monkeys And Man Ass

February 14, 2011 / Posted by:

And here is my NSFWish Valentine’s Day gift to all of you! It’s a pair of slut monkeys working together to pull down the swim trunks of an old man. Yes, I know they were only looking for a banana or guavas, but they couldn’t charmed the dude first? You can’t just go around pantsing hos to see what they are working with. Who do they think they are? John Travolta? (Note: John Travolta is totally going to get himself a pair of pantsing slut monkeys).

Anyway, Happy Hallmark Taking Our Money Day! May a pair of monkeys pants you on the street today. But unlike these rude bitch monkeys, I hope your monkeys do it with love and respect!

via Buzzfeed



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