Dawn Holland Changes Her Mind

December 24, 2010 / Posted by:

Just a couple of days ago, Dawn Holland was waving her good fist into the air and vowing REVENGE against Lindsay Lohan for allegedly calling her a “cunt bitch” before spraining her arm by yanking a phone out of her hand. Betty Ford quickly dropped a WE QUIT YOU, BITCH on Dawn for talking to the media about LiLo’s situation, etc… At the time, Dawn was all about pressing charges against LiLo. If convicted, LiLo could’ve faced 6-months in the chokey for violating her probation. Well, the Lohans can breathe a little easier into their bongs this morning, because Dawn has completely flipped to the other side and is not interested in pursuing charges. TMZ says that Dawn has refused to work with authorities and even told them to drop the case and move on to more important things. Hmmm…. And a hmmmm…

Dawn’s lawyer said that she won’t testify against LiLo and “will not continue to press charges against Lindsay, nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution.” Her lawyer went on to say that no crime has been committed and as a recovering addict herself, Dawn does not “in any way shape or form to do anything that would violated Lindsay’s probation or cause an arrest.”

Sorry, Lohan kids! Try not to look too disappointed in the face tomorrow morning when you open up your Christmas gifts and find out that White Oprah got you an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, a half-smoked pack of Reds, 3/4ths of an Adderall, matchbooks from various Long Island bars, a picture of your mother with some random guy in a thong, a full roll of toilet paper stolen from a room at Howard Johnson and whatever the hell else she found at the bottom of her purse. White Oprah had to spend your Christmas gift money on hushing up that Dawn Holland trick. Hey, at least she wrapped that shit!


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