QOTD: Ronnie Spector Gets Her Ronnies Mixed Up

December 20, 2010 / Posted by:

Ronnie Spector was flipping through Keith Richards’ autobiography when she nearly ate her hair off out of anger because of something he wrote. This is too easy, so I’ll just let Ronnie take it from here:

“I was skimming through it the other day, and he’s talking about Ronnie, and I think, ‘Oh, he must mean me. I’ll read this.’ And then he writes, ‘We went in the bathroom and did drugs.’ I was like, ‘Keith! I never did drugs! What are you saying?’

I was so angry with him. I never, ever did drugs with him. In fact, I used to yell at Keith. I’d say, ‘You can do a little marijuana but don’t go any further than that.’

So I’m reading this and I’m just fuming. I’m ready to call him and really cuss him out, but then I read a little more and it turns out he was actually talking about Ronnie Wood.”

I mean. I never for once thought Ronnie Spector was smoking and/or snorting the wrong shit…until now.

via SMH (Thanks Charlie)


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