Open Post: Hosted By A Dramatic Cat Fight

November 27, 2010 / Posted by:

One of Ceiling Cat’s cousins was just minding his business waiting for his girl to show up (or something like that) when two cunty crows started to pick a fight with him for no good reason….and then shit got serious. Riding on a cloud of black smoke from the underworld, Basement Cat jumped into the fight while his two evil and annoying CROWNIES continued to peck at the white cat’s tail. Stupid ass crows. There better be a sequel! And in that sequel, the white cat better return to the scene with his gang of pigeons and force those asshole crows to EAT CROW! The battle is not over!

And the spirit of Jerome Robbins and the orchestra’s conductor should both win Tonys for their work in this fight.

via Gawker



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