I Typed Too Soon

November 1, 2010 / Posted by:

Forget about that whole “Heidi Klum IS Halloween” thing I prematurely ejaculated earlier. I did that before laying eyes on these pictures of the delicate and demure pearl of loveliness CoCo as the head nurse. Don’t act like you don’t know where she keeps her thermometer.

CoCo continues to shock me with her hidden talents. You would think that if she exhaled too quickly, everybody in a 1-mile radius would get a quick titty slap to the face but she kept it together. Bitch must have suction cup nipples, which would explain why her right chichi’s got a puckery dimple. Whatever, even with that dented tit, CoCo was still the reigning queen of Swallowpeen last night.

Here’s a few more servings of CoCo and Ice-T (as Dr. Frankenstein) at Heidi Klum’s Halloween party last night, which also brought out the likes of Christian Siriano and his boyfriend Brad Walsh as Babette and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, Kim Kardassian as Little Dick Riding Ho, Lorenzo Martone as Jesus, Napster’s Sean Parker as Justin Timberlake (get it?) with his girlfriend as Brit Brit, Kyle MacLachlan as the butler from Clue (I think) and Ashanti as a slutty pussy.


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