TRJLIHA (Thank Rojo Jared Leto Is Hot Again)

October 22, 2010 / Posted by:

For a while there, Jared Leto was in an all-out war against his own natural hotness. Jared’s battle wounds of victory included his “Gay Raver Cockatoo on the Wrong E” look and his “If Susan Powter Mated with a Porcupine with a SamRo Obsession” look. But pull down your panties and Saran Wrap your monitor, because Jared has dropped his peroxide gun and raised a white flag in the form of this picture he Tweeted yesterday. VICTORY IS OURS! That ab gutter needs filling (I’ll leave it at that) and when his peen takes a break you can hump on one of those arm veins.

And Jared gets extra points for wearing a skirt that looks exactly like what the sluttier girls in my high school P.E. class turned their gym sweats into.

via (Thanks Kiley)


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