Brace Your Parts For Kanye West’s Dick Pics

October 14, 2010 / Posted by:

Contrary to the rumors that Kanye West’s crotch is a silky smooth canvas with the “Creation of Kanye” tattooed on it, Radar reports that he does indeed have a peen. And before Kanye picked out his girlfriends at an Elite casting call, he took pictures of his peen and sent that mess out to possible fuck partners he met on MySpace. The portraits of Gay Fish’ gonopodium are now up for sale. Try not to reach for your coin purses at once (that ones goes to you, Tommy Girl AND Gay Al).

Radar, who has seen two of the pictures, says that Kanye is only wearing sunglasses and gold neck chains in one picture. In the other, Kanye’s CAPS LOCK COCK is peek-a-booing out of the dick hole in his boxers. A source -ype added this, “These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace. He probably sent them to many, many women.

While I do believe that staring into the eye of Kanye West’s sultan of spiritual sperm will transport me to a euphoric land where all of life’s greatest mysteries (Example: Is Kanye’s dick as hung as his ego?) will be answered, his shit is the last shit I want to see. Why don’t we ever get pictures of hos we actually want to see naked? You know, like Donny Deutsch or Verdine White?!


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