Did These Two Make A Baby?

October 7, 2010 / Posted by:

Apparently, Kevin Jonas’ parents haven’t told him the birds and the bees yet, because he still thinks that you can make a baby with a girl by singing “Look Out For Mr. Stork” together in a private karaoke room.

Someone tells InTouch Weekly that they watched Kevin Jonas and his wife of 9-months Danielle Deleasa buy a pregnancy test at a Rite Aid in West Hollywood on September 16th. Maybe this witness saw Haylie Duff and a late-in-life lesbian with a perm buy an EPT together. That would make more sense.

A friend of Kevin and Danielle’s had this to say about the pregnant test shit, “They’re mature for their age, and they want to start a family. They’d consider it a major blessing if Danielle was pregnant.”

More like it would be a major blessing for Danielle during divorce settlement negotiations. NO. That’s just me being a bitter asshole again. If this is true, we should celebrate this wonderful news. It’s still a beautiful gift…..even if Danielle only got knocked up by shoving Kevin’s cum rag up her snatch after his visit with Corbin Fisher.


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