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Fishsticks Paltrow as a down home country star?! And not just any down home country star, but a down home country star who wakes up in a puddle of her own whiskey-scented barf and drunkenly dances on top of tables at bars! Please, like we don’t know that Fishy wakes up on 10,000-count thread sheets and doesn’t get on top of her $50,000 imported coffee table unless it will help her get closer to her spiritual essence. This shit is not believable!

My favorite part of this trailer is at the very end when Fishy is supposed to be hoofin’ it up on stage, but she looks more like that 30-day lemon seed and cucumber water cleanse got the best of her and she’s trying to run for the nearest toilet.

That being said, I really hope the cat on Tim McGraw’s head gets a nomination for this since the poor thing was ROBBED of one for playing John Travolta’s hair in Old Dogs.

via Vulture


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