RiRi’s Infinityhead vs. A Curling Iron

August 29, 2010 / Posted by:

SPOILER ALERT: The curling iron won! RiRi is still dying her hair with packets found in the bottom of a Happy Meal and recently added longer locks made from Ronald McDonald’s pit follicles. Before performing Syracuse, NY last night, RiRi tried to curl her thirsty tomato mop (smells like over-microwaved Ragu), but the prism to Mars on her head got in the way! RiRi Twatted a picture of her injuries with a little joke:

New hair….new curling iron BURN……damn 5head always in the way

RiRi needs to stop being modest and embrace that she’s hung on the head. If she had a measly 5head, she would not be the main wet dream girl of every size queen with a forehead fetish. Not today. Not ever.

Here’s RiRi running around on stage last night looking like Ronald McDonald’s cracked out second cousin who fucks for McFlurries under the golden arches.


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