Squeeze Out That Doody Bubble, Wino!

August 26, 2010 / Posted by:

Where was Bobby Brown’s expert doody bubble poppin’ finger when Wino really needed him, because last night in London she was sticking her elbow-ey ass out like she was trying to woo a jar of Fleet.

After watching The Libertines reunion show, Wino gave the paparazzi an entire photo spread for Playboy’s Constipated Beauties of London issue (don’t put it past Hef) in the doorway of a hotel. I might be high from the 100 proof fumes jumping off these pictures, but I actually think she looks good here. But then again, the ass poppin’ (replace the first “p” with an “o” if you want to go all the way) and “I Can Haz BM?” poses might be distracting me.


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