Kate Winslet Is Getting Hers

August 21, 2010 / Posted by:

In London last night, Kate Winslet showed off her new-ish piece Louis Dowler (who might have come from the same batch as Gabriel Aubry) by taking his ass out for dinner and boozing. Apparently, Kate and Louis have been dating since May. Kate quickly picked up Louis, who writes MODEL TYPE next to occupation on his tax forms, after she filed for divorce from Sam Mendes.

Yes, Louis looks like he spent all day brushing his locks and meticulously styling that outfit in a three-way mirror, but who cares as long as he’s making Kate’s vagina declare itself the queen of the world while riding on the tip of his peen.

And here’s a picture from a few months ago of Louis’ nipples catching wind:

To be honest, I’m most jealous of Kate’s daughter in that pic. Riding in a rickshaw around the city is the way to go. If only it had a cup holder and a spritzer fan. It also wouldn’t hurt if Kate was wearing a flat-screen TV backpack.


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