The Photoshop Awards: Montana Fishburne’s Ass On “As Is” Magazine

August 19, 2010 / Posted by:

Anybody who has spent some time with Montana Fishburne’s debut fuck film has already gotten a major craving for a chocolate chip walnut muffin after staring at her assne-ridden nalgas for a few seconds.

As Is Magazine admitted that they used the “SANTO DIOS” Photoshop tool on Montana’s ass cheeks so the picture wouldn’t look like it belongs in a world history book in the chapter titled: Famous Battle Sites. Right next to a picture of my ass cheeks!

Montana told the magazine that she’s always had butt blemishes for as long she can remember, “I’ve had spots on my butt forever – it’s a leopard booty.”

LEOPARD BOOTY? The “D” is silent, right? This leopard did not sign off on that:

And “I’m not doing shit to him, but fucking and having my career” is really a good line. I give that to Montana. I’m going to snatch that one from her the next time someone e-mails me and asks if my therapist is proud to see me ranting like a crazy person on my blog.

via HuffPo (Leopard picture via Flickr)



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