A Check Is A Check: Teresa Giudice’s Sizzle Tans Commercial

July 31, 2010 / Posted by:

Lying down on a tanning bad that somebody else put their crotch on is “skeevy and gross“, but The Real (Foreclosed) Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice obviously got over that for a quick check! Teresa, who is thisclose to being Miss September in the Beauties of the IRS’ Most Wanted List calendar, showed off her orange Fruit Roll-up complexion in this commercial for Sizzle Tans.

Sizzle Tans originally wanted Teresa’s husband Juicy Delicious to star in the commercial, but he couldn’t get on the tanning bed without using a step ladder so they thought that might kill the mood. Speaking of Juicy Delicious, why isn’t he out getting new jobs since he’s the one who get them into this bankruptcy mess? It’s Disney World’s busiest season right now, so I’m sure they are looking for a little nugget who can fit into the King Louie costume. Get on that, Juicy Delicious!

via Popeater


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