Open Post: Hosted By Chuck Bass’ Field Of Chest Fur

July 29, 2010 / Posted by:

Here’s Ed Westwick looking like he’s about to pirouette and leap into the title role in Robin Hood: Gays in Skinny Jeans at a network event last night. Personally, I always love it when Ed Westwick shows off that he has more fur on his chest than Robin Williams has on his ass cheeks. I don’t even care that he’s wearing a plunging blouse from the J. Jill catalog. Bring on the chest pubes!

Speaking of pubes, is it just me or does that V-neck make it look like Ed’s got the shape of an extra pointy dick head on his chest? I’d hit it. The pointy peen head on his chest, I mean.

Tom Selleck was also at the same event as Ed, but sadly he didn’t rip off his shirt and challenge that trick to a hairy chest-off. Tom didn’t bother, because he knew that victory would’ve come too easy.



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