And If You Don’t Like It BOO HOO!

July 22, 2010 / Posted by:

The Children’s Choir of Hades, which masquerades under the name Kidz Bop while performing here on Earth, has conjured up an instant classic with their cover of Xtina’s HO SHIT ANTHEM “Not Myself Tonight.” Tipper Gore does not need to step in here, because the “fuck yous” have been replaced with “boo hoos“. So parents can let the baby prostitots and postnatal pimps in their lives shake their low-rise Pull-Ups to this without feeling an ounce of guilt!

Since these bratlings are singing about how they are not themselves tonight, does that mean they are actually behaving, being polite and not rolling their eyes at you when you tell them that they cannot watch another episode of Waverly Place or whatever shit they are filling their heads with? If that’s the case, this can be used as a parenting tool!

via ONTD


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