Goodbye, Billy Goat Brad

July 12, 2010 / Posted by:

Billy Goat Brad laid down in the field behind his barn and let all of his best goat friends chew the minge off of his face before bidding them adieu for now! All of his goat friends wept a single tear as they watched him skip away knowing that they probably won’t ever chew a tin can or kick a fence with him again. They all baaaaaaah-ed in sadness.

Brad Pitt no longer looks like a dirty highway drifter who could come up with four full course meals just by shaking his beard out. Brad Pitt now looks like a dirty highway drifter who just shaved in a gas station bathroom using a kitchen knife and hand soap. Jokes.

Brad apparently gave his face a Brazilian wax for his new movie Moneyball. Here’s a few shots of him shooting that shit Downtown Los Angeles this afternoon.

You know a special kind of Brangeloonie is diving into Brad’s dumpster right now to find whatever is left of his beard. Bitch is totally going to super glue that shit to her pubic area.



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