Taylor Momsen Finally Gets It Right

June 28, 2010 / Posted by:

16-year-old Taylor Momsen is usually stumbling around looking like a teenage runaway turned heroin-addicted prostitot who keeps a tiny Courtney Love shrine in her Grinch lunchbox, but she actually turned on the elegance while performing with her band on the Warped Tour in Carson, CA this past weekend. What a pristine and refined débutante she’s turning out to be. Taylor should keep refreshing her e-mail box, because it’s only a matter of time before the Queen of England invites her over for tea.

My guess is that the Empress of Lucite caught Taylor rolling around in a gutter to achieve that “down and out rest stop hooker” look and she immediately dropped these exquisite lucite heels onto her. Shauna Sand showed Taylor the lucite way, and she’s never going back. And since every young lady must own a piggy bank to keep their allowance money in, Shauna was gracious enough to include a built-in tip jar in her lucite sole. Now she’s walking on her worth and it is truly a beautiful sight.

And instead of calling Child Protect Services on Taylor’s parents, I want to nominate them for some kind of award. Nothing says “PARENTS OF THE CENTURY” like their daughter floating on stage in a pair of tip-jar lucite heels.


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