Well, At Least She Changed Her Wig

June 15, 2010 / Posted by:

On the left is Aretha Franklin at the Tony Awards on Sunday night, and on the right is ReRe at a benefit for the Apollo Theater last night in the same exact ensemble. Aretha even brought along the same boa made out of Snuffleupagus’ ass bush. Aretha’s chichichichis could safely catch a baby thrown from the window of a burning building, so she can do whatever the hell she wants.

So what if she couldn’t get out of her dress on Sunday night, so she said “fuckit’ and grabbed a box of Snackwells instead. So what if she would rather spend her coins on more important things (e.g. boxes of Chamois Butt’r for her undertitty chafing) than another stupid ass dress. So what if those spaghetti straps (like a piece of floss holding up two Honeybaked Hams) are screaming for mercy. SO WHAT! Queen Aretha has waved her scepter (aka a giant Churro) and declared that she’s going to wear this dress as much as she wants.

Here’s more of Aretha and her two-time dress last night along with some pictures of JLo and Skeletor. JLo’s weak bronze dress dimmed as soon as Aretha hit the red carpet.


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