This Is What Lady Caca Wore To Her Sister’s Graduation

June 9, 2010 / Posted by:

Looking like a Chinese beekeeper going to a mariachi-themed funeral, Lady Caca attended her little sister’s high school graduation yesterday at NYC’s Convent of the Sacred Heart. Yes, Caca is once again making it all about her by snatching the spotlight away from the graduates, but I do appreciate that she put her tuck on display at a Catholic school graduation.

Speaking of her tuck, that fancy Upper East Side lady in the background isn’t even going to let her eyes go there. Bitch is staring at that condom thing (let’s just say it’s a condom) on the ground like its her fucking savior.

And Caca wasn’t totally acting like a selfish asshole. I mean, at least she covered her face. Give her that!


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