Who Needs A Shirt Anyway?

May 25, 2010 / Posted by:

Now that it’s starting to get hotter I’m seeing more and more dudes walking the public streets wearing a cardigan but nothing else underneath it. Not even a half-shirt, a dickey or pasties. Nothing. It makes them look like they reek of Cool Water and are graduates of Dimitri The Lover’s School of Elegance. Maybe they are sick of chicks having all of the nip slip fun, so they are trying to get themselves a piece. It works for me.

I only wish that Mr. Rogers was still around to partake in this new trend. Actually, maybe it’s better that he isn’t, because I don’t think Lady Elaine Fairchilde could take getting an eye full of Mr. Rogers nip.

Anyways, here’s Colin Farrell going commando on top while leaving a store in Los Feliz, CA yesterday.



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